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I’ve never believed I’m the best but I will try to be the best for you...

Asia Scenic at Farm is  a branch of Asia Scenic Thai Cooking School. The organic farm is located on 1.6 acres ( of gorgeous land). It's not that I want to show you a big farm, or how to grow organic vegetables, but I want to share with you the (peaceful and natural) lifestyle of the (Thai countryside).

You can learn how to cook Thai food aligned with the authentic Thai concept, visit the organic  farm to learn about more than 20 types of plants, herbs, vegetables and fruits. I think learning about the origins of these plants used in Thai cuisine will enchance your enjoyment of nthe cooking experience.

The Thai cooking class at the organic farm not only offers you Thai cooking lessons at the farm grow some vegetable to present in the class, but I would like to show you my home based on the philosophy of Sufficiency Economy and New Theory of Agricuture by His Majesty the King.

What does Sufficiency Economy means? " Sufficiency Economy" is a philosophy that guides the livelihood and behavior of people at all levels, from the family to the community to the country, on matters concerning national development and administration. It calls for "middle way" to be observed, especially in pursuing eoconomic development in keeping with the world of globalization.

And so my farm, aligned with the New Theory of Agricuture, serves as a set of principles or guidlines on the proper management to benefit farmers who own a small piesce of land.
So if you would like to learn how to cook Thai food in an authentic Thai way and escape from the city for a while, then Asia Scenic Thai Cooking School at the Farm proudly invites you to come and learn more about Thai culture.

There are many people who worry about the ingredients when they back home. But it is my vision to show you how to cook Thai food not only in the Thai kitchen but in your own home kitchen as well.

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