I’ve never believed I’m the best but I will try to be the best for you...

Kitchen Garden (in town) ...

In our life time, we may have many dreams but we all have one dream that we really wish.  For such as a small house with a beautiful garden.  Waken up every morning feeling great seeing and hearing the beautiful songs from the birds.  Not only hearing the animals, but also could hear the water fountain running and feeling very relaxing.  It seems so peaceful in the house.  That , you would want to the backyard for pick up some vegetables and other herbs for a meal.

As for me, I also have those dream and now my wish has come true.  So I would like to welcome everyone to share my dream.

We all can enjoy a beautiful great time together.  Besides enjoying with us here, you will have to cook by yourself.

I'll bring you to the secrets of Thai cooking with my unique style of teaching and gain all good things I'll do my best for you to feel at home in my home.

A kitchen garden can be created by planting different herbs in pots or containers, with the added benefit of mobility. Although not all herbs thrive in pots or containers, some herbs do better than others. Mint is an example of herb that is advisable to keep in a container or it will take over the whole garden.

The culinary use of herbs may result in positive medical side-effects. In addition, plants grown within the garden are sometimes specifically targeted to cure common illness or maladies such as colds, headaches, or anxiety. During the medieval period, monks and nuns developed specialist medical knowledge and grew the necessary herbs in specialist gardens. Now, especially due to the increase in popularity of alternative medicine  this usage is heavily increasing. Making a medicinal garden however, requires a great number of plants, one for each malady.


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