Thai Cooking School Chiang Mai

Cook in Town and Cook at Farm

I’ve never believed I’m the best but I will try to be the best for you...

Sawadikrap Asia Scenic! :-)


Just wanted to say thanks again for the great time we had with Ms.

Afternoon going to the market, preparing curry, stir fried, soup and

filling our stomaches!

We were there in November 2010. Back home we bought a wok, started

cooking Thai with your cooking book and our favorite 1-2-3 rule and

enjoy it every week!

Tastes great and always reminds us of beautfiul Chiang Mai and the

great day we had with you!


So thanks a lot!


- TOBI + VIVI from Munich, Germany.

How are you?

We are a couple who did your cooking course on the 30th of November.

You asked us to send you some photos of the food we'll cook at home, so here you have our first Pad Thai. It was really good but, you know, in Spain we don't have all these wonderful herbs and species... so it was not exactly the same...


Xavi & Maria Jose


Dear Gayray,

Thank you so much!!! That was the answer, I had to boil the coconut milk longer to thicken it. Here is a picture of my wife on our back porch getting ready to do in. I could not get a long red pepper so I used a hot green one. It was DELICIOUS and just the right spicy. I made rice as you can see and we had a very goog dinner. I am also sending a picture of myself and our dog, Paco. As you can see. I am holding your wonderfull cookbook. I LOVE Green curry.  Can't wait to take another class and learn more. I hope all is well with you.

                                     John  Hartz


We did our first Oad Thai yesterday in France and it was Yummy. Thank you very much for that wonderful day in your farm last February. Hope to see you again.

                                                                Simon & Fanny

Dear Gayray,
Thank you for your school's cooking class on Tuesday 5 April. I learned a lot about Thai cooking and it was oneof the hightlights of my trip to Thailand. 

I have been inspired to cook more Thai dishes back home in New Zealand and tried the spring roll recipe (as you can see in the photo attached) last nighr. - it was just as good as the ones I made in my cooking class!

Blessings as you continue to teach.
Anna Christie
(New Zealand)
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