Thai Cooking School Chiang Mai

Cook in Town and Cook at Farm

I’ve never believed I’m the best but I will try to be the best for you...

Full Day Course

Full day : 9.00 am. – 3.00 pm.
Pick up time 8.20 am .- 8.50 am.

Cook in Town 1,000 baht per person 
Cook at Farm 1,200 baht per person
(arrive the city at 4.30 pm)

You can cook 6 dishes from 6 categories.

Course ; Full - Half Day Includes

  • Visiting and tasting some herbs in an organic kitchen garden / organic farm.
  • Cookbook, Market tour.
  • Show how to cook sticky rice.
  • Welcome snack or fruit in season.
  • One person one wok.
  • Web photo album.
  • Free transportation within 3 Km. radius from Chiang Mai downtown.
* visitor in town charge 200 baht each
** visitor at farm charge 400 baht

Which class is good for you?...
How different the course in town and the course at farm?

Course in town ; offer full day and half day (morning - evening) with an organic kitchen garden in the city. Although we live in town with a small area but we can plant some herbs some vegetables for our family. You might get some idea like this
at home.

Half day morning : If you have to go to some where else in the afterenoon half day morning would be nice. I    can drop you off to the airport, bus stationtrain station or your hotel after class. (9 a.m. - 1 p.m.)

Half day evening : You can do all your activities in whole day, Then come to the class for dinner time. (5 p.m. - 9 p.m.)

Full day : Cook 6 menu like the class at farm. But if you have not much time, in town would be nice. I can drop you off the to the place that you want to go
on time.
(9 a.m. - 3 p.m.)

Course at farm ; offer only full day course. Just 20 mins from the city. On the located 1.6 acres, there are more than 20 typs of plants and you can see the local life style with the New Theory of Agriculture, Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy from
His Majesty the King - it serves as a set of principles or guidelines on the proper management benefitfor farmers who own a small piece of land.

If you like to touch more nature, I think farm class would be nice for you.
You will proud of your food because you will know where is the vegetables come from in an organinc way.
(9 a.m. - arrive the city 4.30 p.m.) 

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