Thai Cooking School Chiang Mai

Cook in Town and Cook at Farm

I’ve never believed I’m the best but I will try to be the best for you...

Half Day Course

Half day mornig : 9.00 am – 1.00 pm.
Pick up time 8.20 am .- 8.50 am.
If you have to go to some where else in the afterenoon half day morning would be nice. I    can drop you off to the airport, bus stationtrain station or your hotel after class. 

Half day evening :5.00 pm. – 9.00 pm.
Pick up time 4.00 pm .- 4.50 pm.
You can do all your activities in whole day, Then come to the class for dinner time.

800 baht per person

Course ; Full - Half Day Includes

  • Visiting and tasting some herbs in an organic kitchen garden / organic farm.
  • Cookbook, Market tour.
  • Show how to cook sticky rice.
  • Welcome snack or fruit in season.
  • One person one wok.
  • Web photo album.
  • Free transportation within 3 Km. radius from Chiang Mai downtown.
* visitor charge 200 baht each

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